Author: heather-smith

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Let’s Talk Eyeliner

Let’s talk about something important – your eyeliner. Whether you prefer it bold, natural, smokey or soft; enhancing your eyes is essential. Many women struggle with this skill and I am here to share the best technique that guarantees beautiful results every time. Even if you have hooded or aging eyes, fear not! You can […]

Amazing Palettes

If you’re like me, and find yourself constantly looking for new eyeshadows to add to your collection, I highly recommend investing in an all-around eyeshadow palette. This will give you a variety of colors to work with and keep your makeup routine interesting. Bperfect Cosmetics has some of the best eyeshadow palettes on the market, […]

Unlock Your True Beauty with Makeup Masterclasses and Tutorials!

I have a strong enthusiasm for makeup and how it can empower women to look and feel comfortable and self-assured. I know many of us battle with feelings of insecurity in this modern world. It can be confusing to decide which products are best suited for you, where to apply them, or why we even […]