Are you over the age of 30? Are you in need of help with your makeup?

My motto – less is more!

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

I am 41 years old.

I have an absolute passion for makeup and skincare. I know what life can throw at us… we grow up self-conscious, we get involved in unhealthy relationships… and then comes the ageing process! All of this can add up, ultimately leading to insecurities. It’s a minefield out there, and I want to help!

So let me ask you…

Do you struggle with knowing how to do your makeup in a way that enhances your features?

Are you unsure which products to use let alone know how to apply them, or what to apply them with?

If these questions have got you thinking you’ve always wanted a bit of help but didn’t know where to begin, then look no further.

I’m here to change the game. You’ll learn all my tips and tricks, my secrets and my knowledge to have flawless, younger-looking makeup.

You will learn what to use, where to put it and how much product you need to get the desired effect and take years off!

Throughout the years I have always been asked ‘how?’ How do I look so flawless?

How does my skin look so fresh?

How do I perfect my makeup?

Well, if you’ve been saying yes to everything you have been reading, then sign up to my next masterclass!

Bonus… you’ll get an amazing goody bag full of products to take home with you.

Click the link below for my next and feel your confidence soar.

Here’s to you looking and feeling incredible.