Makeup Masterclasses and 1-1 lessons

Welcome to my Makeup Masterclasses and 1-1 lessons, where you will embark on a journey to discovering your true beauty. You will learn the art of makeup and skincare.

In our personalized one-on-one lessons, you will learn how to enhance your natural features and bring out the best in your skin. I will guide you on which products and tools to use for your specific skin type, so you can look and feel absolutely incredible!

Whether you’re a makeup beginner or a beauty enthusiast, my lessons are tailored to your skill level. I will teach you how to perfect your desired makeup look and customize it to suit your individual style.

My aim is to empower you with knowledge and confidence in applying your makeup and taking care of your skin. My lessons go beyond just the physical aspect of makeup and skincare – i encourage you to let your true beauty shine from within.

Join me on this journey to discovering your best self with Makeup 1-1 lessons. Book your lesson now and get ready to fall in love with yourself all over again.

What Happens In A Masterclass

Absolutely every person will benefit from my masterclasses.

You will learn everything for your whole makeup look, such as:

✓ Skin preparation
✓ Tips on products, tools and how to apply your makeup perfectly
✓ Product breakdown
✓ Questions & answers throughout
✓ Exclusive product discount codes
✓ Masterclass discount
✓ Amazing goody bag on course completion

You will walk away with bounds of new knowledge, tips and tricks to excel your makeup skills!

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